Objectives and Mission

Our objectives


The main objective is to support initiatives and environments that serve the good of Poland, the Catholic Church and Poles abroad. In addition, the Foundation sets itself the task of:

1. supporting cultural, scientific and educational as well as religious activities in the spirit of Christian values,
2. initiating and supporting activities for the protection of national heritage and cultural assets,
3. to support, among others, all cultural and educational initiatives, as well activities for the creation of civil society
4. broadening civic, patriotic, historical and religious awareness among the Polish community both in Poland and abroad,
5. undertaking activities related to the archiving and commemorating important national anniversaries as well as anniversaries important to local communities,
6. offering assistance to Polonia abroad,
7. supporting veterans, repressed persons, forgotten heroes – also by restoring their memory
8. activities promoting a positive image of family, motherhood and supporting children’s rights

In fulfilling its statutory aims, the Foundation wishes to establish partnerships of a cultural, educational, patriotic nature as well as those striving for the development of civil society with Polish and Polish-American entities.

Don’t hesitate, let the eagles fly!


Our mission


Our mission is to show that the best traditions can face the challenges of modernity and at the same time provide the highest quality standards. We believe that nothing is impossible and it is our imagination that sets our limits. Passion and responsibility paves our path as we know how much our activities impact the present. Our strength lies in a harmonious team and faith that our actions.