Only Eagles Fly Foundation Statute 

Chapter I – General provisions 

(1) The “Only Eagles Fly Foundation”, hereinafter referred to as the  “Foundation”, was established by Tadeusz Syka, hereinafter referred to as the  “Founder”, under a notarial deed drawn up by Arkadiusz Zarzycki, Notary Public  in Warsaw on 6 April 2020, and was registered in the Repertory A number  2533/2020. The Foundation operates in accordance with the provisions of the  Act of 6 April 1984 on Foundations (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2018,  item 1491, as amended) and the provisions of this Statute.  

(2) The Foundation is a legal entity. 

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(1) The seat of the Foundation is the city of Warsaw.  

(2) The Foundation operates is the area of the Republic of Poland, but to the  extent necessary for the proper implementation of the objectives it may also  operate outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.  

(3) In order to operate outside the Republic of Poland, the Foundation may use  its name translated into selected languages as needed.  

(4) The Foundation may be a member of chambers, associations, unions and  organizations in Poland and abroad.  

(5) The Foundation may open offices and branches as well as production, trade  and service facilities.  

(6) The Foundation may join commercial companies, as well as participate in  agreements and business ventures, whose goals and objectives are consistent  with the statutory objectives of the Foundation. 

The duration of the Foundation is unlimited.

The minister responsible for the objectives of the Foundation is the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. 

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(1) The Foundation may use the emblem and logo in accordance with the  design approved by the Founder.  

(2) The Foundation may establish badges, medals of honor and grant them  along with other awards and honors, to individuals and legal entities 

Chapter II – Objectives and modes of operation 

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  1. The Foundation’s focus is to conduct or support educational, scientific, cultural and religious activities, including among others the following: 1) cultural and educational activities, including supporting activities for the development of science and education;  

2) educational and formative activities in the spirit of Christian values;  3) development of civil society;  

4) activities aimed at archiving, documenting, commemorating and supporting  the social and cultural life of Polish communities in the world;  5) activities aimed at the development of culture and art, that including the  promotion of Christian values in public and social life. 

  • 7
  1. The Foundation shall pursue its objectives in the following areas: 1) maintenance and dissemination/popularisation of Polish cultural heritage, cultivation of Polishness and development of national, civic and cultural awareness, 

2) science, higher education, general education, upbringing and formation;  3) culture, art, protection of cultural goods and national heritage;  4) support for the family and foster care system;  

5) activities supporting the development of local communes and communities;  6) science, higher education, general education and upbringing;  7) assistance to Polonia and Poles abroad;  

8) activities for veterans and repressed persons; 

9) activities for the benefit of family, maternity, parenthood, spreading  awareness of and protecting children’s rights; 

  • 8
  1. The objectives of the Foundation shall be realised in particular through: 1) producing or commissioning the production of films, TV and Internet programmes and other audiovisual materials;

2) multimedia and publishing activities;  

3) organising events, art exhibitions, screenings, concerts, and film festivals;  4) running an Internet portal, social media, programme channels on the  Internet, blogs and vlogs;  

5) organising public collections, fundraising and auctions;  

6) organising study tours and pilgrimages in Poland and abroad;  7) establishing foundations or associations whose aims are commensurate with those of the Foundation set out in the Statute.  

  1. The objective mentioned in § 7 point 5 may be realized by: a) supporting film, visual, audiovisual, multimedia creations and other activities of artistic nature;  
  2. b) producing films and other audiovisual materials which promote Christian values; 

Chapter III – Assets  

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(1) The assets of the Foundation consist of an initial fund in the amount of PLN  2,500.00 allocated in the declaration of intent to establish the Foundation and  the assets acquired through its operation.  

(2) From the initial fund the amount of PLN 1,000.00 is set aside for the  economic activity. 

  • 10  

The income of the Foundation may come from: 

1) donations, inheritances, bequests, 

2) grants and subsidies, 

3) income from public collections, 

4) dividends and profits from shares and stocks, bank interest, interest on 

capital deposits, and benefits from other assets, 

5) income from business activities, 

6) European Union funds;  

7) funds provided by governmental and self-governmental administration units; 

  • 11 

(1) The Foundation allocates the entire surplus of income over costs for the  realisation of its statutory objectives.  

(2) Income from subsidies, donations, bequests and legacies may be used for meeting any statutory objectives of the Foundation, unless the donors have  decided otherwise. 

  • 12 

(1)The Foundation manages its finances and accounts in accordance with the  rules set out in separate regulations. 

Chapter IV – Economic activities of the Foundation 

  • 14 

1.The Foundation may conduct business activities in order to achieve its  statutory objectives.  

  1. The object of the business activity conducted by the Foundation may be as follows:

1) PKD 58.11.Z – Publishing of books 

2) PKD 58.19.Z – Other publishing activity 

3) PKD 58.14.Z – Publishing of magazines and other periodicals 

4) PKD 59.12.Z – Post-production activity related to films, video recordings and  TV programmes 

5) PKD 59.11.Z – Activity related to the production of films, video recordings  and TV programmes

6) PKD 59.13.Z – Distribution of motion pictures, videos and television  programmes 

7) PKD 59.14 Z – Motion picture screening activities 

8) PKD 59.20 Z – Sound and music recording activities 

9) PKD 60.10 Z – Broadcasting of radio programs 

10) PKD 60.20 Z – Broadcasting of free and subscriber television programs Chapter V – The bodies of the Foundation 

  • 15 

1.The Foundation is composed of the following bodies:  

1) the Management Board, 

2) the Foundation Council.  

  1. It is allowed to appoint the Programme Council in accordance with the rules specified in the Statute. 
  • 16  

Combine positions in the Foundation’s bodies is not allowed. Chapter VI – Amendment of the Statutes 

  • 29 

Amendment to the Statutes may be effected through a resolution of the  Council of the Foundation, whereas in order to change the objective of the  Foundation, a majority of 2/3 of votes cast in the presence of at least half the  members of the Foundation’s Council is required. 

Chapter VII – Liquidation of the Foundation 

  • 30 

1.The Foundation is liquidated in the event of achieving the purpose for which  it was established or in the event of exhaustion of funds and assets of the  Foundation. 

2.The liquidation is decided by a unanimous vote of the Foundation Council,  with all members of the Foundation Council present. 

  • 31 

The liquidator is appointed by the Foundation Council.  

  1. The duties of the liquidator shall include in particular

1) filing a motion to the court of registration to register the opening of  liquidation 

2) summoning the creditors of the Foundation through press announcements  to report their claims within 3 months from the date of the announcement, 3) drawing up a balance sheet of the opening of liquidation and a list of  creditors, 

4) drawing up a financial plan of liquidation and a plan for satisfaction of  liabilities, 

5) the collection of claims, the fulfilment of liabilities and the cashing of the  assets of the Foundation, 

6) transfer of the assets remaining after the creditors have been satisfied to  designated parties 

7) notifying the registry court of the completion of the liquidation as well as  filing in an application for the deletion from the register 

8) transfer of the Foundation’s documents to the state archives. § 32 

The assets remaining after the liquidation shall be used for purposes identical  with those of the Foundation.